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The Southern Ground Hornbill is one of South Africa’s endangered bird species. Its conservation status is ‘threatened – vulnerable’. Yesterday this beautiful specimen of the largest species of Hornbill was foraging together with its… Continue reading

Village Weaver Meeting

At this time of the year the Village Weaver males are very busy building their nests. Once the females of the species have inspected and approved of the sturdy constructions they will lay… Continue reading

A rare visitor

Broad-billed Roller is the smallest of the South African Rollers and the only one with a yellow bill. This picture was taken last night on Thanda, where this colorful bird is rarely seen.… Continue reading

Predicting the Rain

As part of our series on sharing interesting facts about our wildlife – including their peculiar habits and down-right bizarre behaviours – this week’s ‘Weird & Wonderful Animal Fact’ is on the Rain… Continue reading


One of the most beautiful sounds on a Thanda evening game drive is the call of a Yellow-throated Longclaw. As the sun set this beautiful small bird was perched next to the game… Continue reading

Coming and Going!

Not everyone is a bird enthusiast. But, most guests do not only enjoy experiencing mammals but also enjoy sightings of colourful birds and large raptors. One of the most fascinating birds to watch… Continue reading

BIRDS – Village Weavers mating

This is an image of a Village Weaver pair mating in front of their nest at the Thanda Safari Lodge. Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer –… Continue reading

Birds, Birds, Birds!

THANDA BIRDS Photo Gallery at Thanda hosts hundreds of bird species. Many of them are seen regularly on game drive, other are rare guests, and some of them are only here during… Continue reading

BIRDS – White-backed Vulture

White-backed Vultures in Flight THANDA BIRDS – Thanda Private Game Reserve is well-known for its excellent game viewing. Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Black and White Rhino, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo and many other mammals are… Continue reading