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Shaken by Elephants!

This young Elephant bull was testing the strength of my Land Rover and of Bheki’s tracker seat. After a slight shake to the car he decided that this was a “strong thing” and he… Continue reading

Mature and Teens!

From this angle the difference between a mature (40-45 year old) Elephant bull and a young bull in his teens becomes clear. Two of Thanda’s magnificent Elephants presented themselves during one of today’s game drive.

Have a drink!

These are two pictures of our “Thanda Youngster” enjoying a drink. The mums patiently provide the milk. The Elephant calf is two weeks old and the Lion cubs are about three month old.… Continue reading

Small Excitement!

The small male Elephant in the picture got a bit excited when he joined in a mud bath with his elders. He knew all the moves to intimate us and the other bulls, he… Continue reading