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It is that time of the year. The rains have started. The days are hot and humid. Females of many different herbivore species have started giving birth. This collages shows a picture of… Continue reading

Imagine …

Imagine at the end of your evening game drive your field guide just stops the vehicle on top of hill. He and his tracker switch off all the vehicle’s lights and everyone agrees… Continue reading

Winter Colours and Summer Heat

This large South African Giraffe bull was making his way down a Thanda hill as the day started to get really hot. Today’s high was 41 degrees Celsius (approx. 105 degrees Fahrenheit). And as the… Continue reading

Winter Sunset

One of the best safari pleasures: Watching some of Thanda’s Giraffes while the sun sets on a crisp winter’s day! Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer –… Continue reading

12:36 – A new Giraffe is born!

Thanda’s youngest Giraffe calf was born today at precisely 12:36. Members of the Thanda Wildlife Team observed the birth of the young boy and stayed with him and his mum until he was… Continue reading

Family Time

This is a short picture story about one of Thanda’s youngest Giraffes and her family. Thanda guests always enjoyed observing Giraffes’ family life! Bonding with daddy Mum and aunties looking after the little… Continue reading

Looking the wrong way?

It looks like these Giraffes were looking the wrong way. But they were quite aware of this Lion cub which tried a “not so stealthy” approach. The two adult Lionesses and their six… Continue reading

Morning meeting!

  Mid morning a lot of mammals come to the various waterholes on Thanda to satisfy their daily water need. This picture shows White Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras and two Egyptian Geese in front of… Continue reading


  … from your Thanda Team!

An itch, an amazing view, and a short tail!

It is not only the Big Five which provide amazing sightings and exciting photo opportunities. On my way to a photography lesson for guests at the Thanda Tented Camp I encountered a Warthog… Continue reading