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Sky over Thanda

On today’s Thanda Game Drive we encountered this Giraffe on a hill top under a beautiful sky. Have a good week!

Symbols of Africa!

For me these are two true symbols for the African bush: Giraffe and Fever Tree!  The Thanda guests on my vehicle enjoyed this beautiful scene in the morning sun. The Fever Tree (Acacia… Continue reading

Magic Moment!

After a game drive with excellent Giraffe, Lion, Rhino and Hyena sightings we made our way back to the Lodge when the sun had set and the moon was providing the illumination. This… Continue reading

Shade with a View!

This male Giraffe was looking for a shady spot in the middle of the day. A Marula Tree on top of one of Thanda’s hill was just the right place. And with a… Continue reading

Funny Posture!

Yesterday, I caught this Giraffe in this funny posture just as it was getting on its feet from a sitting position. Giraffe sleep only for very short periods, usually no longer than 5… Continue reading

Leaving early!

This beautiful scene surprised the Thanda guests when the morning game drive left from Tented Camp. The two female Giraffes enjoyed the warm morning sun together with their two young calves.

For real!

Male Giraffes are often sparring (a “not serious” fight for training). Today we watched two bulls fighting for real. The impact of the skull (ossicones) onto the opponents body sounded very painful.


I have promised to post some pictures of Thanda after the recent rains. These three pictures of Giraffes on the savanna, a White Rhino  on a grassy hill top and an Elephant bull… Continue reading