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I do not often post two pictures of the same series (bush photo shoot :-)), but after looking through all my images from that afternoon I really liked this picture of a Lion… Continue reading

Young Predator – Young Prey!

My next guests are arriving tomorrow afternoon, so I had a day to do some photography work by myself. Just me, my cameras and my Land Rover. My goal for the day was… Continue reading

Not only the Five!

It is not always the Big Five which provide beautiful and special sightings. This Waterbuck bull was looking at us when we drove towards him on Ndlovu Highway. A rare treat. We got… Continue reading

I can’t see!

The grass was bit high for one of our Lion cubs. The little one could not see properly so it decided to use the back of its uncle to get a better look… Continue reading

Up the Mountain!

We tracked our Elephant herd for a long time when we spotted them going up a mountain. It is amazing how these huge creatures can move up a hill. On the same game… Continue reading

That hurts!

Our young north pride male Lion participated in a Porcupine hunt. Inexperience and clumsiness resulted in two Porcupine quilts getting stuck in his mouth and chest. That hurt!   But he managed to… Continue reading

The Big Five in One Drive!

After two weeks of rain, wind and cold we had some great drives in the last few days. During the bad weather it was very difficult to find animals. They all were hiding… Continue reading

A Warthog burrow, the Lions close and the Landi stuck :-)

Today I got my Land Rover properly stuck for the first time. While we were trying to get close to a pride of Lions resting in thick bush I dropped my right back… Continue reading

Growing Fast!

When I saw our Lion cubs last night I had a hard time to believe that they could grow that fast in only 10 days. We spotted them on a Wildebeest kill last… Continue reading


When I drove towards Thanda House this morning I saw a few yellowish spots in a tree, which we not there before. When I came closer I was surprised to see Lions lounging… Continue reading