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Lions and Trees

It is often said that Lions only seldom climb trees. In my experience it happens quite regular. Especially with cubs and juveniles. If one of the youngsters climbs a tree all the others… Continue reading


  I was filing images today when I came across this one. I love the expression on the young Lion’s face. He had just finished eating on a Wildebeest kill. Have a good Sunday!

Growing Fast!

Our four small Lion subs are growing up fast. But they are still the favorites for most of the Thanda guests 🙂

Have a drink!

These are two pictures of our “Thanda Youngster” enjoying a drink. The mums patiently provide the milk. The Elephant calf is two weeks old and the Lion cubs are about three month old.… Continue reading

For the first time!

Today I saw the new Lion cubs of the Thanda North Pride for the first time. The first-time-mom allowed us a few minutes of looking at the four cubs before she led them… Continue reading

Let’s play, Bro!

This young juvenile Lioness is playing rough with her brother. I “found” this picture when I was organizing my pictures which I took before the rains. I like the action. We have two… Continue reading

Battle at Thanda – YouTube Video

A lot of people have asked me if they were more images of the Battle at Thanda. (Blog message from 9 July 2012 http://christiansperka.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/battle-at-thanda/). Here is link to a YouTube Video with video… Continue reading