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One Drive – Day and Night!

To encounter these two very shy species in one game drive is a rare treat. A few days ago the Thanda guests enjoyed a sighting of a Black Rhino bull before sunset and… Continue reading


This shot of one of Thanda’s Black Rhino bulls was taken during a warning charge. After a few snorts and a couple short bursts towards the vehicle he decided to turn away and… Continue reading


Rhinos tend to curl up their tail when they are unhappy about something. This White Rhino cow was quite upset when one of Thanda’s North Pride Lionesses interrupted her drinking session at a… Continue reading

“Horned Beast”

The scientific name for a White Rhino is Ceratotherium simum, which is derived from the Greek terms keras (κερας) “horn” and therion (θηριον) “beast”and simus (σιμος), meaning “flat nosed”. A very fitting name… Continue reading

Rhino Talk!

One of the most discussed safari topics is the threat to wildlife and especially to Rhinos. Most of Thanda’s guests are eager to learn about these magnificent creatures and their struggle for survival.… Continue reading

Morning meeting!

  Mid morning a lot of mammals come to the various waterholes on Thanda to satisfy their daily water need. This picture shows White Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras and two Egyptian Geese in front of… Continue reading

A Star!

This little White Rhino calf was the star on today’s morning game drive as it posed for some great images. The Thanda guests very much enjoyed this encounter on hot summer day. Picture… Continue reading

Black and White – African Style!

Today’s – rather quite – evening game drive ended with a very special crescendo. Within a few hundred meters/yards of one another we spotted a Black Rhino mum with her calf and a… Continue reading

Look, Listen, Let’s Go!

It is a rare privilege to see a Black Rhino on an open area. Seeing three together is a very special treat. This black Rhino mum crossed the Thanda savanna with her two calves… Continue reading


… a few more images from yesterday’s Rhino capture operation at Thanda. Under the guidance of Dr.Mike Toft this White Rhino female was tranquillized, a transmitter was implanted into her horn by the… Continue reading