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Big Five in One Drive !

What a day – During today’s evening game drive we saw all the Big Five – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo. The Thanda guests were delighted – and so was I 🙂

A summer evening with rare guests!

When we were looking for Rhinos in the South of Thanda Private Game Reserve we came across some very rare guests. A few Woodland Kingfisher were displaying to one another in the Fever… Continue reading

Too close for comfort!

  The Thanda North Pride was not willing to move far of their Wildebeest kill when three White Rhinos moved through the area. The Rhinos investigated the kill while the Lions were watching… Continue reading

Seeing Black!

Watching White Rhino is amazing but it is much less exciting than watching a Black Rhino in its natural environment. This is a picture I took today on our game drive. The Black Rhino… Continue reading

The Big Five in One Drive!

After two weeks of rain, wind and cold we had some great drives in the last few days. During the bad weather it was very difficult to find animals. They all were hiding… Continue reading