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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA (and any other country that celebrates this holiday). I hope all of you have a great day. The closest I could find to a… Continue reading

Crossing the Savanna

Thanda’s breeding herd of Elephant was crossing the savanna to get to a waterhole to drink and bath. These are a few black and white images I took at this beautiful sighting.  

Summer time = Baby time :-)

A lot of animals have their babies arrive early in the rainy season (summer). This picture is of a small Zebra foal that was born in the last few days. We also have… Continue reading

Jump off the treadmill!

I did it already 🙂   –  Watch this video produced by a Swedish travel company for a “ranger for a while” competition on Thanda. Truman Ndlovu, Head Guide at Thanda Private Game… Continue reading

Not only the Five!

It is not always the Big Five which provide beautiful and special sightings. This Waterbuck bull was looking at us when we drove towards him on Ndlovu Highway. A rare treat. We got… Continue reading

Summer Colors and Flat Tyres

The winter (dry season) is predominantly brown and grey.  But – as I learn now – when the wet season (summer) starts the bush becomes very colorful. I took pictures of these nine… Continue reading

It is getting warmer …

… and one can see much more reptiles at Thanda. I took this picture around noon when I was driving back from dropping of guests. This Monitor Lizard (an ectothermic species) was enjoying the sun… Continue reading

I can’t see!

The grass was bit high for one of our Lion cubs. The little one could not see properly so it decided to use the back of its uncle to get a better look… Continue reading

Birds, Birds, Birds …

Thanda Private Game Reserve is well known for its excellent game viewing. The Super Seven (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Black and White Rhino, African Elephant and Cape Buffalo) are spotted regularly.… Continue reading

Up the Mountain!

We tracked our Elephant herd for a long time when we spotted them going up a mountain. It is amazing how these huge creatures can move up a hill. On the same game… Continue reading