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It is a very rainy day at Thanda and I am not driving today. So I was working in my office on pictures. I came across an interesting picture and I cut out a detail.… Continue reading

Lions and Trees

It is often said that Lions only seldom climb trees. In my experience it happens quite regular. Especially with cubs and juveniles. If one of the youngsters climbs a tree all the others… Continue reading

Foamy Nest and Many Fathers :-)

Nests of Foam-nest Tree Frogs are very important “bush signs”. These type of Frogs build bright white nests on branches above water. They mate in what is described as polyandry. The simultaneous polyandry… Continue reading

Elephant Road Block

When I left Thanda House today to drive over to Base Camp I hit a bit of traffic. But my delay was not caused by other cars but by our herd of Elephants.… Continue reading


  I was filing images today when I came across this one. I love the expression on the young Lion’s face. He had just finished eating on a Wildebeest kill. Have a good Sunday!

Bush Statistics :-)

Today I put together my Thanda sighting report. I had a total of 183 major/special game sightings since I arrived at Thanda in June. Here are the detailed numbers 🙂 42 x Lions… Continue reading

Growing Fast!

Our four small Lion subs are growing up fast. But they are still the favorites for most of the Thanda guests 🙂

Funny Posture!

Yesterday, I caught this Giraffe in this funny posture just as it was getting on its feet from a sitting position. Giraffe sleep only for very short periods, usually no longer than 5… Continue reading

Cheetah Pose

Our two male Cheetah were demonstrating two very typical Cheetah poses. They were scanning their surroundings for possible prey! More about Cheetahs: The Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a large-sized feline inhabiting most of Africa… Continue reading

Leaving early!

This beautiful scene surprised the Thanda guests when the morning game drive left from Tented Camp. The two female Giraffes enjoyed the warm morning sun together with their two young calves.