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Enjoying the morning sun!

Thanda guests and Thanda Lions are enjoying the morning sun together! Seeing these magnificent creatures makes a great start for the day.

They are well!

We saw the Thanda Cheetah mum today with her two cubs. Both of the cubs have grown a lot and are looking very healthy – they look like real Cheetah now 🙂 –… Continue reading

Angry under the sun!

When this young Lioness saw Thanda’s dominant male approaching she got very upset. She started growling in his direction and her four cubs ran for cover. She then prevented the male from following… Continue reading

Sit still, watch and learn!

These young Lions were sitting still and watching their mother, aunts and older sister going off hunting. The guest on my vehicle were very exited when the complete Thanda North Pride moved around… Continue reading

She loves birds!

The face of Lions change completely if they are looking up at the sky and follow birds. One of the Thanda guests on my vehicle suggested that this Lioness must really love birds… Continue reading

Water and Mud!

Watch Thanda’s herd of Elephants having a bath at Mgankla Dam. The Thanda guests enjoyed observing these gentle giants playing with Water and Mud!

BIRDS – Green-winged Pytilia

Another BIRD series image: A Green-winged Pytilia (Melba Finch). This picture was taken at Thanda Private Game Reserve on 15 August 2013.

Mami, not so fast!

One of the youngest Thanda Elephants had to move fast to catch up with its mum. We had an excellent sighting this evening when the breeding herd crossed the road right in front… Continue reading

I can see it!

“Mami, Mami – I can see it – I can see it – move faster, pleeeease!” Well, this little Baboon was standing up on his hind legs to get a first glimpse of… Continue reading

Cheetah at Lunch!

Thanda’s two male Cheetah killed a female Nyala. The pictures shows them right after they started their meal.