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I am big and you better leave!

On today’s game drive I had positioned my vehicle parallel to the path which the Thanda breeding herd of Elephant took across an open Fever Tree area. This young bull did not like my parking… Continue reading

Moonlight, again!

It seems to be a moonlight week. While I was waiting for my guests to be finished with bush dinner I watched the moon and the stars. I took these two – very… Continue reading

Summer Crossing

This picture shows the Thanda Elephant herd crossing a road in front of two game drive vehicles. In the summer time when the vegetation is very dense it takes excellent tracking skills and also a bit of… Continue reading

A good scratch!

If you think that only members of the human race make funny faces when attending to a little itch then have a look at our dominant male Lion. He was scratching his left front… Continue reading

Rare Hare!

It may sound funny, but to take a good picture of a Scrub Hare in the wild is more challenging than to photograph a lion. Scrub Hares are quite common around Thanda, but it is… Continue reading

Lion Twilight!

The sun was just setting when we found some of our South Pride Lions playing in a tree on top of a ridge. The Thanda guest on game drive enjoyed this most beautiful sighting until… Continue reading

Do you like mud?

This little Cape Buffalo calf obviously does. Mud baths are used by many mammals to help them to cool down in Summer, protect them from the sun and deter insects from being too… Continue reading

Lions only!

This morning’s game drive was amazing. We left the Lodge with the intention to track a herd of Buffalo. But on the way out  we decided to have another quick look at our… Continue reading

Leopard Week at Thanda

It is hard to believe but I had four great Leopard sightings in one week. That is more than in the six month since I started working at Thanda. Today’s sighting was especially… Continue reading

Without the Five (3) – Black on White or White on Black?

White stripes on black background or black stripes on white background? It was previously believed that Zebras were white animals with black stripes, since some Zebras have white underbellies. Embryological evidence, however, shows… Continue reading