Bush Statistics :-)

Today I put together my Thanda sighting report. I had a total of 183 major/special game sightings since I arrived at Thanda in June.

Here are the detailed numbers 🙂
42 x Lions / 40 x Elephants / 34 x Cheetah / 32 x Buffalo / 23 x White Rhino / 3 x Spotted Hyena / 2 x Leopard / 1 x Black Rhino / 1 x African Wild Dog /5 x Others (Jackal, Python, Puff Adder, Vultures)

And here are three of my favorite pictures from this week …

… our Elephant herd moving away from me. Please note the little one (2 weeks old) in between!

… two Zebras biting one another “lovingly”

… one of the Cheetah brothers walking close to my camera (on the savanna)