I would like to introduce Bheki to you.

Without him I could hardly do my job at Thanda. He is my “Communication and Navigation Officer”. Bheki is an excellent tracker. He is constantly on the outlook for tracks and signs of animals in the bush and he communicates with the other trackers over the radio.

The picture above shows him in his “front office” of our Land Rover.

Bheki is a tracker for over 20 years. He knows the bush very well and he enhances our game drives with many stories for the guests. In the second picture he shows a Wildebeest carcass, which had been killed and eaten by lions.

Walking in the bush (with the big five around him) is no problem for Bheki. With only his panga (the African version of a machete) as protection he often walks off by himself looking for tracks.

In the third picture Bheki shows a (harmless) Scorpion to our guests during a drink stop at sundown.


Bheki is a man living in the Zulu tradition. He has a beautiful piece of land in a local Zulu community on Lake St.Lucia where he lives with his family. He has two wives and nine children. His father before him had nine wives and Bheki has 64 brothers and sisters.