Buffalo Droppings

Well, dung plays a huge role in the bush 🙂

Here are two examples of its use, which are quite unusual.

We were watching a herd of Buffalo having a rest in the grass when two White Rhinos (mother and calf) moved right in between and started chasing the Buffalo around.

The reason was to get to the fresh droppings of these large ruminants. Both mother and calf started eating the fresh droppings with obvious gusto. I am not sure why, but I assume there is something in fresh Buffalo dung that is good for Rhinos :-).

And then I saw a Buffalo cow moving across with a calf drinking while they were moving. This is quite usual.

And while the young one was drinking the mother defecated copiously on top of the calf’s head. This did not disturb the little one as it kept drinking. After a while it moved off with its unusual “head-cover”.

I learn new things every day, even about dung!