Not your best day!

Imagine you are a Lion!

You are feeding on a Zebra kill and you had already a lot to eat. So it is a bit hard to move with your full belly. And just as you feel ready for a snooze a herd of Buffalo is crashing the dinner site of your family. They chase all of you around a bit.

20130304 - Collage 1311

20130304 - CS2_5591 - E - SIG

You climb a tree and find out that the tree you chose was not high enough.

20130304 - CS2_5620 - E

You growl at the Buffalo and they get even more agitated than they already were.

20130304 - CS2_5606 - E - SIG

At the right moment you jump out of the tree and you flee to the next tree.

20130304 - CS2_5718 - E - SIG

There you wait until the annoying bulls and cows are gone.

Only then can you re-join your other eight family members (coming down from other trees) to continue the meal and the now well deserved snooze.

Not your best day!

A very special sighting at Thanda Private Game Reserve 🙂