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The Sun, The Moon and a Giraffe

At this time of the year the moon rises very early and is visible above the horizon before the sun has set. So both sun and moon provided the backdrop for these two… Continue reading

Cleanup Crew

This Cape Buffalo bull hosted a rather large cleanup crew as he went to have a drink at one of Thanda largest waterholes. Red-billed Oxpeckers eat ticks and other parasites off these large… Continue reading


This morning three beautiful Kudu bulls came to drink at small waterhole at Thanda. After they had quenched their thirst a herd of Cape Buffalo started stampeding the scene. The Thanda guests enjoyed this… Continue reading

The last of the five!

The Big Five are by far the most photographed and talked about of all African animals. But it is really the Lions, Leopards, Elephants and Rhinos which get the major share of the… Continue reading


It happens quite often that Thanda guests can experience more than one of the Big Five during a single game drive. But it is a very rare treat when all five of Africa’s… Continue reading

Birth Place!

We were just a few minutes late to witness the birth of this Cape Buffalo calf. As we arrived it was bonding with mum and after a little while started looking for the… Continue reading

Just cows? Not so much ….

Sometimes safari guests think that a Cape Buffalo is just another type of cow. Far from it. These stocky herd animals can turn from fairly docile bovines into very dangerous opponents within seconds. When… Continue reading

Mudded up!

Not everyone likes the mud that comes along with heavy rains. But this Buffalo obvoiusly enjoyed “mudding up”. A very special Thanda portrait! Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident… Continue reading

Two youngsters – calf and chick!

This was a very cute Thanda sighting. The little Buffalo calf was “hosting” a Red-billed Oxpecker chick. They were posing for this portrait for quite a while. Have a good week! PS: The… Continue reading

It feels so good!

“I love it when these birds come and clean my ears out. All these ticks are such an nuisance! Oh, great – a bit more to the left for the bird on the… Continue reading