Strange Encounter!

20131025 - CS3_1693 - E - THANDA

At the small waterhole in front of Thanda’s Villa iZulu a Spotted Hyena and a journey of Southern Giraffe met and interacted for almost an hour. This image shows Bheki in between the actors in this early morning drama. 

20131024 - CS1_1924 - E - SIG

… The Hyena had come to the waterhole when the Giraffe interrupted its morning drink…

20131024 - CS1_1939 - E - SIG

… It moved off when the tallest land mammals came in to have their drink …

20131024 - CS1_1986 - E - SIG

… But not far – at one time the carnivore ventured almost to “kicking distance” …

20131024 - CS1_1960 - E - SIG

… We left after watching this scene for almost an hour – On the way back to Thanda’s  Safari Lodge we ran into an Elephant road block. The matriarch was having an eye on us while we followed the herd slowly until they made their way through the bush to another waterhole. What a morning!

20131024 - CS1_2075 - E - SIG