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How large is the clean-up crew!

Picture Collage: Niki Merrilees (Animal Scientist – Thanda Safari) and Kevin Wade Emslie (Ecologist – WRA) installing one of the┬ácamera traps, and a portrait of a Spotted Hyena. With the help of Sasol… Continue reading

Family Life – Hyena Style!

Thanda’s Hyenas are rather shy and usually move away quickly when disturbed. But this morning, after heavy rainfall in the night, we found a Hyena family outside their den. Two little ones where… Continue reading

Thanda Wildlife Reports – Predator Research

A couple of days ago a Wildebeest female was found dead near one of the staff camps on Thanda; she had been seen the day before in the process of giving birth but… Continue reading

A Scout …

We spotted a Spotted Hyena in the early morning hours, shortly after sunrise. This ‘scout’ was roaming around looking for the remains of a Lion kill from the previous day. A rare daylight… Continue reading

Fine Dining – Rough Dining!

Tonight the guests at Thanda’s Villa iZulu had just finished a delicious dinner and were still sitting around the dinner table when a high screeching sound cut into the conversation. After a few… Continue reading

The last two …

Warthog and Hyena complete the UGLY FIVE. Together with Marabou Stork, Vuture and Wildebeest they make up this very special club, whose members have all been spotted on Thanda. View the images of… Continue reading

Don’t leave me behind!

The Thanda breeding herd of Elephants picked up the scent of a Hyena, which had walked up the road before they came out of the forest to walk towards a waterhole. As usual… Continue reading

Strange Encounter!

At the small waterhole in front of Thanda’s Villa iZulu a Spotted Hyena and a journey of Southern Giraffe met and interacted for almost an hour. This image shows Bheki in between the… Continue reading

They are well!

We saw the Thanda Cheetah mum today with her two cubs. Both of the cubs have grown a lot and are looking very healthy – they look like real Cheetah now ­čÖé –… Continue reading

Unusual Sightings

On the last day of our work cycle we had some unusual sightings. The Thanda guests on today’s morning game drive enjoyed a Spotted Hyena crossing the savanna in full daylight (a very… Continue reading