“Lions hands-on” guest experience

20140403 - CS2_5793 - E

Well, we finally captured our two young male Lions. After a few weeks hard work for all of us, Mike Toft, our veterinarian for this project, was able to dart both of them. They had to stay for three days in a boma (a large fenced in area to hold animals) for Mike to conclude blood tests for various diseases, which came all back negative = disease free Lions :-).

When the final day for their trip to the new home arrived 12 of Thanda’s guests were able to participate in a amazing “Lions hands-on” guest experience.

This is a picture record of  this large cat departure!

20140403 - CS1_5726 - EThe two boys ready for departure – Their faces show apprehension for the somewhat uncomfortable procedures ahead. 

20140403 - CS0_0947 - EMike darting the first male in the boma. The other one was very upset about this and took quite a while before the vet was able to dart him as well.

20140403 - CS1_5692 - EThe guests are ready and excited to join operations.

20140403 - CS2_5777 - EOne of the sleeping Lions is being carried into the open for “processing”. A heavy task!

20140403 - CS2_5826 - EOur guests assist in taking measurements of their feet, body sizes and canines. 

20140403 - CS2_5906 - E20140403 - CS2_5869 - E20140403 - CS2_5833 - E20140403 - CS2_5805 - E

20140403 - CS1_5810 - EHand and Paws!

Surprised and delighted to participate in this very special operation many commented on the sheer size of these beautiful cats.

20140403 - CS2_5943 - ELoading the Lion on a vehicle for the ride from the boma to the transport vehicle.

20140403 - CS2_5967 - E20140403 - CS2_6050 - ETransfer onto a soft “bed” for their 1.5 hour drive.

20140403 - CS2_6113 - EFinally, the The Lions are off to their new home.

The new owners are already in love with these beautiful cats. Who wouldn’t be? They were born and grew up on Thanda Private Game Reserve!


Story by Mariana Venter – Thanda Wildlife Management Team

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

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