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World Rhino Day 2017

Conservation is one of Thanda’s core passions. Amidst other projects, Thanda is one of the founding members of the Project Rhino KZN which is motivated by the dream of white and black rhino… Continue reading

Gentle Giant Research

This week marks a particularly exciting event at Thanda Safari. In partnering with the Wild Tomorrow Fund, we were able to immobilise three carefully selected Elephants in order to attach tracking collars. Two… Continue reading

Getting caught!

In the Path of Wildlife All over South Africa, game reserves battle with poaching. One traditional method poachers use to catch their prey is the setting of snares, which are crudely constructed out… Continue reading

“Lions hands-on” guest experience

Well, we finally captured our two young male Lions. After a few weeks hard work for all of us, Mike Toft, our veterinarian for this project, was able to dart both of them.… Continue reading

The Last Bush Disco!

In the past month we played our special “music” to the Thanda Lions on numerous evenings. (Also see our blog message about two young male Lions which are to be transferred to another game… Continue reading

Rhino Fund – Girls on a Mission!

Thanda Private Game Reserve would like to say a huge thank you to four inspiring young girls who today handed over a cheque for R25,000 to the Thanda/KZN Project Rhino fund. The 4… Continue reading

Water, water and more water …

Enjoy this “weather report” from the Thanda Reserve Management “Last Saturday night we had 106 mm of rainfall in less than 12 hours. This wet weather is a welcome respite from the recent… Continue reading

Bush Disco?

Far from it – Enjoy this story from the Thanda Wildlife department 🙂 Relocating Lions Every now and again we have to say goodbye to some of our animals on Thanda. Not because… Continue reading

Thanda Lion News!

To maintain a healthy Lions gene pool and to control the number of Lions on Thanda, five of these magnificent cats have been moved to a new section of the reserve (called the… Continue reading