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A couple of days ago a Wildebeest female was found dead near one of the staff camps on Thanda; she had been seen the day before in the process of giving birth but for one reason or another the birthing didn’t progress as it should and she and the unborn calf did not survive.

Sad though it was, nothing goes to waste in the bush and we ensured that this time wasn’t an exception. After using a leg to feed our recently trans-located Cheetah in the boma (see blog message – he’ll be out and hunting on his own soon!) we decided to put the rest of the carcass in an open area where we could use it improve our Identification Kits on the Leopard and Hyena in the reserve.

Camera Traps go a long way to assisting in this but there is nothing like a live sighting, so we set up the carcass and returned just before dark to see what would happen.

The resulting interaction between a Leopard and a Hyena was more than we could have hoped for.

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These are a few pictures taken during the operation …

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

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