Black Rhinos can show quite a bit of attitude if they realize that they are being watched. Their eye-sight is very bad, so they rely on their hearing and their sense of smell… Continue reading

Unhappy Lions :-)

This picture shows Thanda’s South Pride (A mother with her daughter and her son) growling at Thanda’s dominant male Lion. In the last few days, the big male has been spotted on various… Continue reading

Thanda Stay Pay Offers

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Not too clever!

This image shows one of Thanda’s male Lion youngsters trying to stalk and hunt Nyala at one of Thanda’s waterholes. Needless to say that this rather clumsy attempt did not lead to lunch for… Continue reading

The Royal Pride :-)

Thanda Private Game Reserve manages the Mduna Royal Reserve which is owned by local communities and the King of the Zulus. These three beautfiul Lionesses make up the pride which roams on the… Continue reading

The Day of the Dead Moon

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Thanda Private Game Reserve now offers a new package named ‘Battlefields and Bush‘ in cooperation with a place called Fugitives’ Drift. I went…

Moving along!

Due to their size Elephants do not appear to move very fast. But that is an illusion. Trying to follow the Thanda breeding herd on the move requires some swift driving. Thanda guests… Continue reading


It happens quite often that Thanda guests can experience more than one of the Big Five during a single game drive. But it is a very rare treat when all five of Africa’s… Continue reading

A Tribute to the Mamas

A choir of mothers from local communities (Mamas) often performs traditional songs for the Thanda guests at boma dinners. Many Thanda guests have experienced the Mamas’ beautiful song and dance. This is a… Continue reading

We have done it again …

Thanda Private Game Reserve is once again extremely proud and honoured to have been voted ‘Africa’s Leading Luxury Lodge’ and ‘South Africa’s Leading Luxury Lodge’ by the World Travel Awards™. Voted for by… Continue reading