What a thrill …

… to meet Thanda’s dominant male Lion close up and personal; just as the sun rises. Even the Thanda guests who find the morning game drives a bit early are wide awake as… Continue reading


It is that time of the year. The rains have started. The days are hot and humid. Females of many different herbivore species have started giving birth. This collages shows a picture of… Continue reading

Friendly Rhino?

Black Rhinos often seem to have a ‘friendly’ expression on their face when one catches them eating leaves and branches. But one should not be deceived. These amazing creatures react to unknown sounds… Continue reading

A Dart, Huge Eyes and Tails Up!

Thanda is very excited to send two of our young male Lions to Zimanga Private Game Reserve, near Mkuze. The two new males will meet up with two females and form Zimanga’s first… Continue reading


… to all our friends in North America! Black Rhino Picture by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve Never miss a message from Thanda! Sign up to the… Continue reading

I love rain …

After the recent rains this little Zebra calf (only a few days old) was running around with great energy in the wet grass. It looked to us as it was celebrating the relief from… Continue reading

Rain, beautiful rain!

Some rain has finally arrived. Last night we had 53mm! (~2inches). Some of our waterholes have filled up quite a bit and in a few days the place should look much greener with… Continue reading

A rare visitor

Broad-billed Roller is the smallest of the South African Rollers and the only one with a yellow bill. This picture was taken last night on Thanda, where this colorful bird is rarely seen.… Continue reading


Sandra and Fredrik said YES! to one another at a beautiful and very intimate wedding ceremony at Thanda Private Game Reserve. On top of one of the many Zululand hills, surrounded by wilderness,… Continue reading

We are Remarkably Uncommon!

The Leading Hotels of the World has nominated us for the Remarkably Uncommon award which celebrates hotel teams who create story-worthy guest experiences through innovative service and creative team engagement. As you can imagine,… Continue reading