Funny Posture!

Yesterday, I caught this Giraffe in this funny posture just as it was getting on its feet from a sitting position. Giraffe sleep only for very short periods, usually no longer than 5… Continue reading

Cheetah Pose

Our two male Cheetah were demonstrating two very typical Cheetah poses. They were scanning their surroundings for possible prey! More about Cheetahs: The Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a large-sized feline inhabiting most of Africa… Continue reading

Leaving early!

This beautiful scene surprised the Thanda guests when the morning game drive left from Tented Camp. The two female Giraffes enjoyed the warm morning sun together with their two young calves.

Master Builder

This Masked Weaver male skillfully prepares his nest for review by females of the species. If his future mate likes the nest she will stay with him, if not she will cut the… Continue reading

Have a drink!

These are two pictures of our “Thanda Youngster” enjoying a drink. The mums patiently provide the milk. The Elephant calf is two weeks old and the Lion cubs are about three month old.… Continue reading

For real!

Male Giraffes are often sparring (a “not serious” fight for training). Today we watched two bulls fighting for real. The impact of the skull (ossicones) onto the opponents body sounded very painful.

One week old!

Today I saw our newborn Elephant calf for the first time (born last week). It was difficult to get any pictures of the little one, because the cows surrounded it at all times.

Many “Firsts”!

In the last few days I had quite a few “first” Thanda sightings. First I go to see our new Female Cheetah, then a Black Rhino and the four new Lion cubs. Today… Continue reading

For the first time!

Today I saw the new Lion cubs of the Thanda North Pride for the first time. The first-time-mom allowed us a few minutes of looking at the four cubs before she led them… Continue reading

Fight or Flight?

Last night I had my first Black Rhino sighting on Thanda. Bheki, my tracker, spotted this beautiful animal thirty meters from the road. For a few seconds one could almost see a pendulum… Continue reading