Just beautiful …

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A night-time portrait of a young Thanda Safari Lioness ..

Stay safe!

Admits all the horrible news about Rhino poaching it is very encouraging when a new Rhino is born. One of Thanda’s oldest White Rhino female gave birth to a little boy on 30 January… Continue reading

Two for one!

It does not happen often that one sees two of the Big Five in close proximity and one sighting. The Thanda Safari guests enjoyed this very special encounter of a Black Rhino Bull… Continue reading

Valentine’s, Pancakes and a Traffic Jam in the Bush

At Thanda Safari it does not happen often that more than two safari vehicles meet on the reserve. So it was quite an unusual sight when five game viewers where driving down a… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Thanda Safari

Picture by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari Never miss a message from Thanda! Sign up to the Thanda Blog and receive an email with every new post – https://thandablog.com/follow-the-blog/… Continue reading

Skill and Luck

Skill and Luck – Both are very important when one goes on a Safari. Spotting a Leopard in a tree is a skill, the Leopard being there at the right time is pure… Continue reading

Indlulamithi – As tall as a tree …

What a great name the Zulu people use for this tallest of land mammals! These two Giraffe bulls were browsing below the Thanda Safari Lodge, raising their heads just above the tree line.… Continue reading

A great place for live music!

Kiwi Collection published ‘The List of Nine Great Hotels with Live Music’. Thanda Safari is their choice for South Africa! Read Kiwi Collection’s blog at https://www.kiwicollection.com/blog/9-hotels-for-live-music/33032

No CLICKS please!

This Black Rhino bull was striding across the savanna directly towards our vehicle. As he closed to about 30 meters (~75′) he got quite annoyed at the camera clicks and mock-charged the vehicle… Continue reading

I want THAT branch!

Out of the thousands of available trees and branches on the reserve, Thulani – one of Thanda’s largest Elephant bulls – chose a branch above the Safari Lodge entrance roof as his favorite.… Continue reading