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Buffalo Scenery

At the start of today’s morning game drive we found ourselves in the middle of Thanda’s herd of Cape Buffalo … … Then we watched a herd of Elephants drinking at a waterhole… Continue reading

Big Five in One Drive !

What a day – During today’s evening game drive we saw all the Big Five – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo. The Thanda guests were delighted – and so was I 🙂

Not your best day!

Imagine you are a Lion! You are feeding on a Zebra kill and you had already a lot to eat. So it is a bit hard to move with your full belly. And just… Continue reading

Keen and not willing!

Well, this Thanda Cape Buffalo bull was very keen to mate with one of the cows. But she not was not very willing to oblige 🙂 He chased her all over the place,… Continue reading


Today’s images shows the impact of the very heavy summer rains this season. The grass on the Thanda savanna is so high that even Buffalo are difficult to spot. At the end of an eventful… Continue reading

Do you like mud?

This little Cape Buffalo calf obviously does. Mud baths are used by many mammals to help them to cool down in Summer, protect them from the sun and deter insects from being too… Continue reading

Lost the Herd?

Today’s Thanda morning and afternoon game drives were amazing. We sat for almost an hour in between a herd of Elephants while they were feeding, playing and sparring around the vehicle. We watched… Continue reading

Summer Sunset

Yesterday evening we spent the sunset time next to our largest waterhole watching Cape Buffalo having their evening drink stop. A great way to end a game drive with Giraffe, Sun Spider, Cheetah,… Continue reading

Oxpecker Bliss!

This Buffalo cow enjoyed her “tick cleaning treatment” given by the Red-billed Oxpeckers. The small birds live in a symbiotic relationship with the large ruminants. The Buffalo provide the ticks and the Oxpeckers… Continue reading

OXpeckers and buffaloTAIL

These Red-billed Oxpeckers take a ride on the back of a Buffalo bull. His tail almost reached the birds when he was swiping it across his back. The bird with the black beak… Continue reading