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The Big Five in One Drive!

After two weeks of rain, wind and cold we had some great drives in the last few days. During the bad weather it was very difficult to find animals. They all were hiding… Continue reading

Buffalo Droppings

Well, dung plays a huge role in the bush 🙂 Here are two examples of its use, which are quite unusual. We were watching a herd of Buffalo having a rest in the… Continue reading


The picture in the previous post was of two Cape Buffalo bulls fighting! Here is the complete picture.   PS: Please note the “un-disturbed” Oxpecker on the bull to the left 🙂

Battle at Thanda – YouTube Video

A lot of people have asked me if they were more images of the Battle at Thanda. (Blog message from 9 July 2012 http://christiansperka.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/battle-at-thanda/). Here is link to a YouTube Video with video… Continue reading