Shaken by Elephants!

This young Elephant bull was testing the strength of my Land Rover and of Bheki’s tracker seat. After a slight shake to the car he decided that this was a “strong thing” and he… Continue reading


Today we had an excellent Leopard sighting on Thanda. This beautiful large male was first hiding in thick bush but then decided to rest in the open. He had a few wounds which… Continue reading

Mature and Teens!

From this angle the difference between a mature (40-45 year old) Elephant bull and a young bull in his teens becomes clear. Two of Thanda’s magnificent Elephants presented themselves during one of today’s game drive.

I have got an eye on you!

This young male Lion was completely “stuffed”. He had feasted on a Wildebeest and had a hard time moving. But he kept an eye on us while we were watching him in his… Continue reading

Too close for comfort!

  The Thanda North Pride was not willing to move far of their Wildebeest kill when three White Rhinos moved through the area. The Rhinos investigated the kill while the Lions were watching… Continue reading


I do not often post two pictures of the same series (bush photo shoot :-)), but after looking through all my images from that afternoon I really liked this picture of a Lion… Continue reading

Not only mammals …

On my photography drive last night I did not only spot the Lions, Zebras and Impalas I also took pictures of a few birds. Here are three of the images: A Cattle Egret… Continue reading

Young Predator – Young Prey!

My next guests are arriving tomorrow afternoon, so I had a day to do some photography work by myself. Just me, my cameras and my Land Rover. My goal for the day was… Continue reading

Oxpecker Bliss!

This Buffalo cow enjoyed her “tick cleaning treatment” given by the Red-billed Oxpeckers. The small birds live in a symbiotic relationship with the large ruminants. The Buffalo provide the ticks and the Oxpeckers… Continue reading

Cheetah calling!

This male Cheetah was vocalizing to call his brother. If you want to hear what it sounds go to Have a good week!