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Bee Line!

Thanda’s heard of Elephants made a bee line to the nearest waterhole after browsing and grazing in the midday heat. The Thanda guests enjoyed watching the herd crossing the road right in front… Continue reading

Over the edge …

“We had such an enjoyable trip in your amazing country and have some wonderful memories and pictures as reminders to hurry back! Not least our ‘Elephant experiences’,  standing on the veranda at the… Continue reading

Dancing Elephant ?!

Not really 🙂 This young Thanda Elephant bull was changing direction rather quickly as he was chasing some Cape Buffalo. One of my favorite Elephant shots ever! The Thanda guests enjoyed the very… Continue reading

What a feeling!

My guests from Sweden had very mixed feelings about this Thanda Elephant sighting. But all of them agreed that the encounter with the young Elephant bull was one of the most extraordinary experiences… Continue reading

Pecking Order

These two young bulls were sparring to measure their strength. The younger of the two – on the left – did not want to give up and kept provoking the older – and… Continue reading

A Rainbow over the Lebombo Mountains, a Road Block and two Freezing Cheetah!

As it happens during this time of the year strong winds frequently follow heavy rains. On our afternoon game drive we first encountered a beautiful rainbow over the Lebombo mountains, then we met… Continue reading

Ready for my close-up!

One of Thanda’s largest Elephant bulls was standing still for a few seconds – for his close-up pictures 🙂 – before he moved on down the hill. This gentle giant was trailing the… Continue reading

Summer is on the way!

The last few days Thanda guests enjoyed early summer temperatures, making good use of the pools at the Thanda Safari Lodge, Thanda Tented Camp and the Villa iZulu. The Thanda Elephants did the… Continue reading

Golden light!

When the sun goes down and the light turns golden it is any photographer’s favourite time of day. This image was taken near one of Thanda’s waterholes in just such light. Many Thanda… Continue reading

One of those days!

It was a windy winter’s day with a lot of the animals hiding in the thick bush. We drove and tracked for over two hours before we found the breeding herd of Elephants.… Continue reading