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Bull Fight!

Today we had a very nice sighting of our breeding herd of Elephants. They were walking up a hill in front of us. I took these pictures of two young bulls at the… Continue reading

Elephant Road Block

When I left Thanda House today to drive over to Base Camp I hit a bit of traffic. But my delay was not caused by other cars but by our herd of Elephants.… Continue reading

Bush Statistics :-)

Today I put together my Thanda sighting report. I had a total of 183 major/special game sightings since I arrived at Thanda in June. Here are the detailed numbers 🙂 42 x Lions… Continue reading

Have a drink!

These are two pictures of our “Thanda Youngster” enjoying a drink. The mums patiently provide the milk. The Elephant calf is two weeks old and the Lion cubs are about three month old.… Continue reading

One week old!

Today I saw our newborn Elephant calf for the first time (born last week). It was difficult to get any pictures of the little one, because the cows surrounded it at all times.


I have promised to post some pictures of Thanda after the recent rains. These three pictures of Giraffes on the savanna, a White Rhino  on a grassy hill top and an Elephant bull… Continue reading

Battle at Thanda – YouTube Video

A lot of people have asked me if they were more images of the Battle at Thanda. (Blog message from 9 July 2012 http://christiansperka.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/battle-at-thanda/). Here is link to a YouTube Video with video… Continue reading