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Should we move?

It is a very thrilling experience for many guests when a breeding herd of Elephants walks towards the vehicle. And as a guide one sometimes hears a timid voice from the back asking… Continue reading

“African Time”

The Thanda Breeding Herd of Elephant assembled for a sundown photo shoot in front of the Thanda Safari Lodge. They obviously were on “African Time”, as they were too late to catch the… Continue reading

Fussy eater!

When one carefully watches how Elephants eat one realizes that they are quite selective eaters. If they break off a branch of a tree they will often strip the outer bark and eat… Continue reading

On the move!

On the move! It is amazing how far Elephants move even if they take a leisurely pace. So following them if they move fast is quite difficult. The Thanda guests on my vehicle… Continue reading

Difference in size!

This picture shows an interesting comparison between an adult male and an adult female African Elephant. Size is the most significant visual sign of Elephants’ sexual dimorphism. On the left is one of… Continue reading

Walk to water …

Imagine you are a two month old Thanda Baby Elephant … “A hot day today. Mum is walking very fast. Grandma wants to find water. So we walk and walk and walk. I… Continue reading

CF100 :-)

I would rate this image of Thanda’s youngest Elephant with “Cuteness Factor 100”. To the delight of all Thanda guests he and his family came for a drink stop at the small pond… Continue reading

Dusty Road Block!

Road blocks and delays are no fun – except in the bush 🙂 The Thanda guests enjoyed trailing the slow moving herd and observing the trailing bull dusting himself. A precious safari moment!… Continue reading

Elbows and Knees!

This image, taken on one of my recent game drives with Thanda guests, shows clearly that Elephants have elbows on their front legs and knees on their back legs – just like us… Continue reading


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all our friends around the world! – The THANDA team The THANDA Elephant herd on the mountains in the western part of the reserve. Picture by Christian Sperka… Continue reading