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Thanda Christmas Sightings!

The Thanda guests enjoyed great sightings over the Christmas holidays. Two young Elephant bulls giving a sparring demonstration … … a White Rhino mum and her son hosting an Oxpecker party … …… Continue reading

Looking for breakfast!

This small Elephant did not mind the rain. He was moving between all his elders and ended up with mum – demanding his morning meal. The Thanda guests enjoyed their early morning game… Continue reading

On eye level!

These two young Thanda guests had a great time watching a few Elephant bulls stopping by for a drink at the Thanda Safari Lodge. An exciting encounter not only for the two youngster… Continue reading

Don’t leave me behind!

The Thanda breeding herd of Elephants picked up the scent of a Hyena, which had walked up the road before they came out of the forest to walk towards a waterhole. As usual… Continue reading

Stay where you are!

This small Thanda Elephant bull wanted to make sure that we came no further towards the herd. All the adult females were very relaxed when this little one showed us that he is… Continue reading

Strange Encounter!

At the small waterhole in front of Thanda’s Villa iZulu a Spotted Hyena and a journey of Southern Giraffe met and interacted for almost an hour. This image shows Bheki in between the… Continue reading

Family Bath!

This small Elephant enjoyed his bath with the family – while climbing on the back of one of his cousins.¬†At the end of a hot day there is nothing better than splashing around… Continue reading

Disappearing into the Sunset

One of Thanda’s oldest Elephant bulls walked quietly towards the sunset. Before he disappeared¬†in the bush he provided the Thanda guests a very close encounter with a gentle giant.  

Rambo and I!

Besides game drives Thanda guests are offered many additional activities. The most popular is the Elephant Interaction on a neighboring property. The first image shows me with Rambo, the 4 ton bull who… Continue reading

Mummy, get him!

Imagine you are a Baby Elephant … “Well, today is a very windy and cold morning. We were all were pretty thirsty and moving towards a waterhole … … when grandma spotted a… Continue reading