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What a view!

What an exciting sighting for the Thanda guests! This image was taken on Tuesday’s morning game drive. The Thanda North Pride of Lions was strolling up the road just below the Thanda Safari Lodge.… Continue reading

Watch her!

It is not easy to get prey and predator into the same picture, unless on occasions when one is eating the other :-). But on this evening a Thanda North Pride Lioness was resting on a… Continue reading

What a feeling!

It is one of the most amazing feelings when a Lioness’ path is going straight towards a game viewing vehicle. On this occasion the Thanda guest were able to observe this female striding through… Continue reading

Ignore the car!

Lions normally ignore game drive vehicles, especially when the encounter is on their terms. The Thanda dominant male was passing within touching distance of the vehicle, undisturbed by the humans within the car.… Continue reading

Willem’s Traffic Jam

“The role of Camp Manager provides wonderful introductions to some fascinating guests from all corners of the world, whilst working in a game reserve offers some unusual experiences to say the least. One… Continue reading

Part of the family!

Getting close to Lions is one of the very special safari moments. In this case the Thanda guests were almost part of the Lion family when the two moms led their six cubs… Continue reading

Getting caught!

In the Path of Wildlife All over South Africa, game reserves battle with poaching. One traditional method poachers use to catch their prey is the setting of snares, which are crudely constructed out… Continue reading

I love your tail!

This little Lion cub female enjoys munching her aunt’s tail 🙂 Thanda’s six north pride cubs are offspring from two different females, which are mother and daughter. Therefore the young ones are a… Continue reading

A Little Lion Road Block :-)

As we drove across a ridge this small Lion cub was acting as a road block. To the delight of all Thanda guests on the vehicle the rest of the family was feasting… Continue reading

Wake up dad!

Imagine a conversation between a large male Lion and his son …. Cub: Wake up dad, mum and grandma are moving on … Cub: Come oooon, they will leave us behind … Dad: You… Continue reading