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Dad on Safari – what a father’s day gift!

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True concentration!

A stunning portrait of Thanda’s dominant male Lion observing Cape Buffalo in the evening light. Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve Never… Continue reading


Rhinos tend to curl up their tail when they are unhappy about something. This White Rhino cow was quite upset when one of Thanda’s North Pride Lionesses interrupted her drinking session at a… Continue reading


An interesting Lion sighting! Thanda’s North Pride having a late evening drink at a small waterhole, only illuminated by the spotlight reflection. Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer… Continue reading

The Moon and a Lion

When the light becomes marginal and when it is hard to see anything with the human eye, a camera can accumulate light and turn the night into day. This shot shows one of Thanda’s… Continue reading

Wake up!

This little Thanda Lion just woke up from his midday nap and had a bit of a stretch before it started annoying its mother, who was not yet ready to go. I love… Continue reading

A family affair!

Lions are the only gregarious cat species. Thanda guests enjoyed this afternoon encounter with the North Pride. It was one of the occasions where the whole family was united. Dad was not patrolling… Continue reading

Lion and Lodge!

One of the thrills of staying at the Thanda Safari Lodge is the knowledge that our Lions are very close by when one is relaxing on the lounge deck or in one’s private… Continue reading

Looking the wrong way?

It looks like these Giraffes were looking the wrong way. But they were quite aware of this Lion cub which tried a “not so stealthy” approach. The two adult Lionesses and their six… Continue reading

Morning drinks!

Thanda’s North Pride of Lions having a drink at a waterhole. Watching animals near water is always a special treat on any game drive. Encountering a pride of Lions in the morning sun… Continue reading