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A great place for live music!

Kiwi Collection published ‘The List of Nine Great Hotels with Live Music’. Thanda Safari is their choice for South Africa! Read Kiwi Collection’s blog at https://www.kiwicollection.com/blog/9-hotels-for-live-music/33032

No CLICKS please!

This Black Rhino bull was striding across the savanna directly towards our vehicle. As he closed to about 30 meters (~75′) he got quite annoyed at the camera clicks and mock-charged the vehicle… Continue reading

I want THAT branch!

Out of the thousands of available trees and branches on the reserve, Thulani – one of Thanda’s largest Elephant bulls – chose a branch above the Safari Lodge entrance roof as his favorite.… Continue reading

In a hurry!

This young Thanda Zebra stallion was in a hurry when another male gave him a good chase. It is always great to see interaction between Zebras as most of the time they are… Continue reading

Watching the boys fight!

It is not even 6:00am yet and the boys are already fighting!  Thanda guests observed this morning sparring session of young Elephant bulls. An excess of testosterone leads regularly to these quarrels which… Continue reading

The Perfect Selfie Distance :-)

These Villa iZulu guests found themselves in perfect selfie distance when the Thanda North Pride of Lions was passing their game drive vehicle. A thrilling experience and a selfie ‘out of the ordinary’.… Continue reading

African Sun

For most animals it is simple to find a shady place during the middle of day, when the African Sun is strongest. But for Giraffes, tall as they are, it is not easy to… Continue reading

Just beautiful

Thanda, a Cheetah and soft morning light – Just beautiful! Picture by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve Never miss a message from Thanda! Sign up to the… Continue reading

‘Reflection Lion’

This young Thanda Lioness got quite upset when she encountered herself as a reflection at a waterhole. She kept growling at the ‘other’ Lion with very little success 🙂 At the end she… Continue reading

Low Light

The sun had just set when we encountered this Thanda Giraffe with her small calf. We followed the two for a while until they disappeared into the thick bush. The quality of these low light images… Continue reading