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This beautiful Leopard image was taken by Rich Pawlyn, a Thanda guest from the UK, during his recent stay at the Thanda Tented Camp.  Rich is a keen wildlife photographer and he enjoyed… Continue reading

The best hour

The best hour for wildlife photographers to take images is the last hour of the day. And if the bush models cooperate then the images can be very special. This young Thanda South… Continue reading

The last of the five!

The Big Five are by far the most photographed and talked about of all African animals. But it is really the Lions, Leopards, Elephants and Rhinos which get the major share of the… Continue reading

Protecting endangered Black Rhinos …

Rhino horn is often used as a blood purifier – it’s a big corporate thing, used to impress business partners. Read this article by @TheIndependentOnline’s Andrew Johnson as he shares his experience with… Continue reading

Thanda Cats

Watching Africa’s iconic large cats – Lion, Leopard and Cheetah – is always a special treat on any safari. But these three sighting were even more exciting than usual. First we saw Thanda’s… Continue reading

Finding mum!

These young Lions were very excited to find their mum. She had left them the night before to go hunting. The Thanda guests on the game viewing vehicles enjoyed to watch the reunion.… Continue reading

Black Rhino, Leopard, Hyena and Jackal!

What a Thanda morning! After spotting a Black Rhino on the savanna we watched two Leopards feeding on an Impala kill, which was high up in a tree. And we saw a Hyena… Continue reading

Lion vs. Rhino 0:0

It is always exciting to watch animals interact. And some of the best entertainment is provided when Lions and Rhinos meet! The Thanda guests enjoyed it when a few White Rhinos started chasing Thanda’s… Continue reading

Winter Sunset

One of the best safari pleasures: Watching some of Thanda’s Giraffes while the sun sets on a crisp winter’s day! Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer –… Continue reading


Black Rhinos can show quite a bit of attitude if they realize that they are being watched. Their eye-sight is very bad, so they rely on their hearing and their sense of smell… Continue reading