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Tapping IN at Thanda

  Linda Swain, producer and presenter of the US TV show Tapping IN!, recently spent a few days at Thanda Private Game Reserve to gather material for one of her upcoming episodes. Together… Continue reading


Spotting the rosettes of this male Leopard completed the ‘Big Five’ sightings for a group of Swedish Thanda guests during their stay. On only three drives they encountered a breeding herd of Elephants moving across the… Continue reading


This morning three beautiful Kudu bulls came to drink at small waterhole at Thanda. After they had quenched their thirst a herd of Cape Buffalo started stampeding the scene. The Thanda guests enjoyed this… Continue reading

World Rhino Day 2015

Today is Wold Rhino Day – A chance to raise awareness and support for these prehistoric creatures. Over 700 rhinos have been killed this year in South Africa alone, that is almost 3… Continue reading

The Circle of Life

Greater Kudus are the largest antelope on Thanda. This magnificent bull was quite relaxed when we stopped near him. He continued to feed on bushes and ignored us even as we left after… Continue reading

A Drink at the Lodge!

At this time of the year Thanda’s breeding herd of Elephants is often seen at the small waterhole in front of the Lodge. It is a very exciting moment for the Thanda guests… Continue reading

A ‘cool’ snake!

Brad (on Facebook) was the first to get the correct answer. We found this Puff Adder at Thanda House under a stack of fire wood. Due to the cold temperature it was very… Continue reading

Blend in! – A clearer picture

So far no one has found the animal in the picture. This is a bit sharper version of the same picture. Maybe more luck this time 🙂

Blend in!

Find and name the animal in this (a bit blurry) picture! We will post some close-ups soon 🙂 Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game… Continue reading

Just for Kids!

Three times a year we take children from our local community schools out on game drives, involving them in nature conservation and teaching them all about the Big Five. 30 children joined us… Continue reading